Friday, October 3, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 3

Today is day one (for me) of the Vegan Month of food. I'm supposed to post everyday about food, foodism and foodening.

Today, I am so excited, I want to shout it from the mountain tops. Seriously. I got a vacuum-sealer. It is amazing. While I was visiting home (California) for my sister's wedding last month, my step-mom, Deb, casually mentioned her food-saver. I kinda blew up at her: talking about how much I wanted one after I'd seen all the cool things you could do with them. I was gunna get one here in Japan, but my parents, being my parents, pretty much assumed that they'd buy it for me. Listen, I have no issues about being spoiled (also, I brought a big suitcase with me). Deb made me promise to take a picture of the first thing that I thhhhhhhhhhhhhhrp'ed (her word for it) so here it is.
It may not look impressive; but, considering that I'm still finding lentils from the explosion that happened last time I brought food back from America, I'm glad I had it around to help me pack! I shudder to even think about all that quinoa released in my suitcase - I'd still be cleaning!

Since I've been back I've also sealed up some pasta sauce (which was a little tricky) and pureed pumpkin (in 200g packs... exactly how much I need to make pumpkin cupcakes!!!). Look at my freezer!

My Freezer
You can click to follow the link and see what everything is!

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