Monday, October 6, 2008

VeganMofo Day 6

I love cookies. I think most people love cookies. They are kinda hard not to love.

Some of my friends have had birthdays, some have spent all their money on plane tickets to go back to the States, and some are just awesome - so I'm making them cookies. Well, not cookies, cookie dough. More specifically, a homemade version of break-and-bake cookies. This is all part of my new food-saver program. I made a double-batch of my grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe. To tell the truth, it's not her recipe, she's not vegan and has probably never used tofu in her life. But she was the inspiration.

Any way, this is what they look like. I'm a little excited about the idea of ALWAYS having cookies ready to go in the oven...

Cookie Dough!

... my friends and I are going to have a cookie party tonight. I plan on stealing some dough to squirrel away.

1 comment:

kmouse said...

wow, what a great idea! did they turn out well after being thawed and baked? I would like to try that. Only I don't have a food saver!