Sunday, September 7, 2008

Memuro Tower

Eiko and I have decided that we only make the same three things over and over again. Tonight, we tried to break out of our cycle. Based on a picture I saw on the internets, we came up with this:

Memuro Tower

Agedofu, Red Pepper Mashed Potatoes, Eggplant-Bean Roll-up, Roasted Red Peppers with a red wine roux.

It was yummy.
Candying Ginger 1
Step one (cut a hole in a box): Slice up your ginger and stab it with a fork to make holes :)

Candying Ginger 2
Step two: put it in a pan with 2 cups of sugar and a tablespoon of water. On the lowest heat, bring it to a boil for about an hour...

Candying Ginger 3
Step 3: After a while it'll all start to stick together, once no more syrup oozes out remove it form the heat and keep playing with it until the sugar start to crust off of the ginger. Spread the whole mess out on a plate or something to let it finish drying and (hoorah!) you have tasty candied ginger!

I was super surprised at how easy this was. The bonus, not only to you get the candied ginger, you get a bunch of yummy ginger-sugar!