Monday, October 6, 2008

VeganMofo Day 6: Akebi Update

My Akebi was ripe today. According to my source (this guy's blog), you know it's ready when it pops open along the seam in the middle. After the seam had popped open a bit on its own, all I had to do was to pull gently at the sides and the fruit opend up, revealing the flesh in the middle. 

Ripe Akebi

This sucker is mostly seeds.  

Akebi Flesh

It was a pain to eat the fruit, I had to take a chunk in my mouth and suck the flesh through my teeth. I kept feeling like I was going to choke. However, it was pretty tasty.

My friend Eiko's parents grew up down south and they were really excited about the fruit being in the store. I can imagine that, as a kid, this would be a lot of fun to eat. I personally enjoyed spitting the seeds into my trash can. It's much more fun than spitting watermelon seeds because there are several times as many: I felt like a sub-machine seed gun.

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